Sand Dunes & Illegal Driving?

Beaches at this time of the year in Weihai is probably my favorite. I love how a lot of beaches here are not overly developed for tourists. Well, not just yet. 😀 So even if you see there are umbrellas propped up and looking all legit, you still don’t see a lot of people. It makes me wonder how the business survive… I guess they have their ways. But anyway, I drove for the first time in yearsssss… when i say years.. i mean probably like more than 10 years. Because I remember last time i was holding a wheel was when i was still a teenager. Because I grew up in cities and most of times there were subways, buses and whatnot. Even though I didn’t have a license, I ended up driving a bit this morning haha I mean how could you not. Look at that vast land of sand and all the wheel marks on it… !!

Bringing my long board next time, so no one watches me as I fall or anything haha.

Happy Sunday y’all! IMG_2439IMG_2436

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