So far, Russia has been great! People are cold with no bullshit which is exactly what I love. Supermodel looking women everywhere, and men….Some of the hottest ones I have ever laid my eyes on……. and they are not as aggressive as most western men are, but not as clueless as most asian men are. They are very special in their own way, it’s like they are shy but not, they like to show the dominance but very respectful too… I could talk about them all the freaking time hehe…

And everything is super sized here, building, street, water bottle even. Also English is pretty useless, and being here for only one and half days has made me want to learn Russian so bad. It’s my survival mode that got switched on…I think.

-I still haven’t had Russian food yet, probably tomorrow.

-And Trans Siberian railway runs on Moscow time and it’s really confusing…

-Tomorrow around midnight, I am taking the train to Irkutsk.

-The only two words I have been using all day today were Спасибо and привет.

-I am in love with Russia! ❤


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