Moscow day 1 -day 3

So finally, i made it to Red Square!

Long story short – I left Vladivostok 4days ago. Took the trans siberian railway, got off midway because of my claustrophobia. Turns out the place I got off is Khabarovsk, ended up staying at Amur hotel, then booked a flight straight to Moscow. 8 hours later, I made it to Moscow with a jet lag. Slept for 4 hours, woke up and had breakfast at Silver Panda 😛 Then walked around all over the Red October area which is where my hostel is located. It’s called Fabrika, it’s an art gallery type of hostel with very simple but rustic decor. Too bad, no exhibitions lately. Great location to be in definitely. There’s also a music school downstairs so you can basically hear a lot of sounds during day and night haha. But Moscow is turning out great so far. I am a city person after all…. I decided not to fight it anymore.


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