My bunk bed room in Moscow.

Well, a little interesting story about this place is that when i got here, it looked nothing like what it has advertised on their website. hehe It looked cold and rustic…and no one was here it seemed like. But I stayed anyway because I was super jet lagged and tired by the time I got here. Then the second day, I started to see some Russian guests. Then every morning, I would be woken up by the sound of people having sex next door… and i am talking about the loud kind… And all the rooms here are bunk beds… and it’s a hostel….so… imagine…. hahahahaha I am just thoroughly amused by all this.

Apart from that, it’s actually a very comfortable room. I had all four beds to myself. High ceiling. Great natural light, lots of cafes and galleries around and walking distance to Red square and all that touristy stuff. Can’t really complain I guess. Today is my last day here and I just realized that I am used to the cold floor, that fat pigeon that stops at my window and scaring me once in awhile… Russian-Chinese restaurant across from the street, and my daily coffee fix from Urban Cafe… hmmm this place I am definitely going to miss for sure. It’s this tiny little cafe that has such amazing coffee and pastries. Well I will make separate posts about all the great cafes I visited once I am back to China.

Anyway for the most part, I am not gonna miss those two kids who decided to bone in a hostel bunk bed every morning as if they are my personal alarm clock. hehehe

Well, I am still not complaining. Maybe it’s what you get for traveling in an off-season. 😀


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