I think this is my kind of city.

I really can’t describe how it is in words. All these stupid stereotypical things you read or see online are just that… It makes you wonder who the hell came up with assumptions and wrong ideas like those.. They probably woke up from the wrong side of the bed and then decided to write shit and put it up on the internet just to fuck with people…… Not cool, internet…

Well here’s a little bit of my perspective based on my own experiences. St.Petersburg is a very european city…A lot of my Russian friends that I met here would disagree and they’d rather to be just St.P. But to some extend, they do agree with me on this.. Especially after a shot or two vodka hehe

And there are so many young people and they are all hipsters. Loads of cafes and bars that are catered to these specific group of young people. And as a result, there are a lot of new business coming and going almost every week or so. You see skaters roaming around the city, street musicians, people just hanging out on the street, hustlers, always very busy street, atms everywhere… i mean literally everywhere. It is also illegal to drink on the street and hostels. But people improvise 😀 Sunday night is not an excuse to not go to your favorite bar and have the time of your life. Apparently, my whole life I have been living in denial.

Russian people are warm and welcoming. Especially younger generation. Now don’t give me shit when i say this, because what you heard about Russians being cold to people is just coming from people who are bitter that they didn’t get the attention that they think they deserve…. Just because you are a foreigner doesn’t mean you are that special. People here don’t give a shit if you are American, Chinese or Martian. And it’s totally ok if you don’t speak Russian- they will treat you the same either way, just don’t be an asshole.

Another fun fact is that Russians love dill, they put it everywhere pretty much! hehe

And I am determined to learn Russian after this trip. img_9346img_9336

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