New addition.


I have been using my iPhone camera for the last 5 years or so. Be it when I am traveling or for work even sometimes. Because luckily, there are plenty of softwares and apps to enhance my iPhone photos to look legitimate enough. Then there are gadgets available too, like lenses for your phone… I have to admit that technology is awesome! I am and have definitely been benefiting from it in my daily life!

Anyway so with this upcoming move and whatnot, I decided to invest into this camera to buff up my “gear” list lol Honestly, my gears are just my laptop, phone and now this camera… The price is not cheap, but it’s compacted and great for daily use. It also shoots some pretty decent video too. ( But no 4k video quality, unfortunately for people who care about these things.) Other than that, it’s a great camera to have and shoot with.

And because I now have officially graduated from iPhone photography academy…. This actual camera makes me feel like I should start taking more photos and videos almost..

Well, I probably will.

Stay tuned!



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