Saigon life update – sort of

I know, I know. I haven’t really been updating anything on this site. To be honest, I don’t really know how to use this site except for using it as an archive of the markets I attend.

Well, where do i start. It’s been a little over a year already since i moved to Saigon. It was hard for me at least, mostly because of the heat here. I am a winter person. I am talking -30 -40 Russian winter type of weather.. I had someone ask me last week, what am i doing here hehe.. It’s tricky question always for me.. I always end up telling them it’s because of food. Because it really is one of the biggest reason i moved here.

Anyway, I’ve sort of gotten used to it here. Except my body, my hair sometimes don’t agree. I am scared of going on dates outdoor here hehe because it always ends up with me looking like a wet dog of some sort after sitting outside for awhile. sipping one of those ice filled milk tea is definitely not gonna help me with my overly active sweat glands lol Speaking of which,, that was pretty much how my last date went. lol

Other than that, I moved twice and managed to have my own little working space. My other supposedly side job took over my life and now jewelry making is the side job. Not gonna complain coz the other one brings bread to the table.

I think i might use this space to just update and record what i have been up to here and there and plus an archive for my jewelry happenings.

To sum it up, i am super happy where i am right now. oh oh i also developed a new hobby – indoor/urban gardening… i don’t know how to describe it. But i will talk about more of it next time.


gawwww i make myself cringe. lol

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