Nov 9th, 2019


So I have this planner I’ve been using for the past 4 months or so. On the left side is where I put down my non work related schedule and on the right side it’s for making to do list or shopping list. And I don’t know since when but I started to write down my thoughts on the right side… it started out from minor and unimportant things like how much I liked the scone from a new bakery I discovered the other day. And now it’s a full blown sensitive weep fest of my daily struggles in life and relationships… and I just noticed that I am running out of space for this week and it’s still a Saturday. Because of that my anxiety kicked in… I thought about what’s gonna happen if I have no where to write about that interesting guy who I’ve been seeing and who still hangs around even though I’ve shown him multiple times how big of mess I actually am in a short span of time..I guess it’s still too early to tell… but it’s interesting the least. Anyway my point is I am legit freaking out about the freak outs I am gonna feel soon because of the fear of not having any space left for the next two days.

And here’s that update that I said I was gonna do like few months ago lol

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