Male dolls

This is both creepy and interesting at the same time.. 😀

IKONA magazine

When I was in Saint Petersburg, I met this girl Nastya. And we had a great time at this local bar, talking and sharing drinks. Sadly, it was my last night there.. but i am glad that I dragged my ass out and met up with her after all. I was actually feeling quite under the weather that night. Probably because I was sad to leave.. Anyway, long story short. Through talking to her, I got to know that she works as chief editor for an online magazine called Ikona, it features mainly photographers who were born in the former soviet time. To me that’s already very interesting. I have met so many young people there in all walks of professions. They are, creative, resilient, open-minded and proud. I probably had some of the most interesting conversations with them despite the language barrier.

I think young generation in Russia is no different than young people anywhere in the world, but at the same time, they are unique in their own way. There’s just something very special about Russian young people that I find really fascinating, something i have seen in a lot younger Chinese generation. Both were born in the former communist countries, ( and yes need i remind you, Russia and China are no longer what you call communist countries anymore….if you wanna argue with me on this one. Probably it’s best that you visit those two places then make your point! ), then they were showered by the western media in their teen and young adulthood. They struggle to find their own identity through all those drastic changes. And being different from their parents is no small task either. All these things have bred a whole new generation of  young population, most of them speak more than 1 languages, they know musicians from all over the world, they are able to talk about politics in a much calmer way because they are more acceptable, or should i say more immune to the differences that people have. Because they grew up in such circumstances. They are graceful when it comes to dealing with problem and hardship, you see most Americans that i met they would say, well that’s because they are in a communist country, they don’t have the freedom of the speech like we do. That’s why they are so quiet about almost everything…Well, every time when I meet people like this gives me a hard knock on my head … I can go on and on about all the fucked up things that America is facing nowadays. But I think I am gonna stop before I make this whole post about me ranting…

Anyway, I am not a writer, I actually suck at it. But this whole post is actually about me trying to help my friend fund her project which she and her colleagues worked really hard on. Would greatly appreciate it if you can take your time and learn about Ikona, and possibly fund it too. 🙂

Thanks and feel free to share it on your blog, website or on your social media too. ❤


I think…

I lost my camera… I don’t know.. I saw it the other day when I was trying to reorganize the studio.. and it was on the table.. then I have no memory or whatsoever about what happened to it.. I probably put it somewhere while i was cleaning out the desk… then i forgot about it… all of sudden just now it came to my mind.. I have looked everywhere but I just couldn’t find it. And no one has been to my studio…except for my mom.. and there’s no way she could have borrowed it… ahhhhh this is driving me insane… What is this??? Is this what it means to be 31… that you forget shit…

Not cool…. so not cool….

Just a thought..

I love how when i am about to start my day, but pretty much all of my friends are either in bed, getting ready for bed or in the middle of their days. Because we all live in different time zones and continents. And it does suck from time to time that you can’t hang out whenever you want to, but sometimes it’s pretty amazing. Maybe you will be able to relate to it too. 🙂