I think…

I lost my camera… I don’t know.. I saw it the other day when I was trying to reorganize the studio.. and it was on the table.. then I have no memory or whatsoever about what happened to it.. I probably put it somewhere while i was cleaning out the desk… then i forgot about it… all of sudden just now it came to my mind.. I have looked everywhere but I just couldn’t find it. And no one has been to my studio…except for my mom.. and there’s no way she could have borrowed it… ahhhhh this is driving me insane… What is this??? Is this what it means to be 31… that you forget shit…

Not cool…. so not cool….

Just a thought..

I love how when i am about to start my day, but pretty much all of my friends are either in bed, getting ready for bed or in the middle of their days. Because we all live in different time zones and continents. And it does suck from time to time that you can’t hang out whenever you want to, but sometimes it’s pretty amazing. Maybe you will be able to relate to it too. 🙂




One of my favorite people that I met in Saint Petersburg makes these awesome mixtapes.

Give him a listen.



Almost Ready!

New smog is coming soon!


And I have been obsessing over Ark Patrol for some time now. Give it a listen if you haven’t. 🙂