Интеллигентная барахолка

We will be selling our new necklaces and rings at the Интеллигентная барахолка a.k.a Intelligent Market – Christmas edition. I doubt that anyone who reads this is in Russia, hehe but that maybe possible 3% of you who do, feel free to come and say hi. 🙂 I would love to meet you all.

Address: Lumiere Hall, Neb. Bypass channel, 74 C, Saint Petersburg, Russia





Sunday is staying in bed day…

5 more days here at my studio. Going to miss this space and my coffee machine. 🙂




Her wishlist includes a goat and a rooster.

New stuff!

Around 40 something necklaces and 8 rings are ready to move with me. All different and made with 925 sterling silver.

Coming to you soon in various creative markets in Saint Petersburg! 😉




No movies from Wes Anderson this year, but this H&M ad that he directed with Adrien Brody is pretty awesome!

9 days.

Been listening to him while getting ready for the move lately.

In less than 10 days, I will be in St.Petersburg.

New jewelry collection is almost finished. Gotch bunch of new stickers printed out too.

More updates soon!